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Positive Reviews Keep Coming!

The deodorant is phenomenal. I put it on in the morning and it lasts virtually all day, and it doesn’t irritate my skin like some of the other brands… really well done!!

Ashley L.

My family is loving this deodorant! Not only do I like the scent, but after shaving my underarms and putting on deodorant, I’m not getting any stinging sensation which is nice!

Julie M.

10/10 Love these deodorants. Felt great to put on and love the smell. It worked amazingly in Florida and my girlfriend loved it. Is the only deo she’ll use now!

Alec Y.

Amazing quality and customer service! Supercooling and it smells so good!

Alexis P.


Hey! My name's Nigel and I founded Breathe Naturals Deodorant! During college, I discovered the scary truth that just as most processed foods contain toxic preservatives, chemicals and pesticides... so do our personal care products. 

While swapping out products, I hit a wall when looking for a natural deodorant. I developed rashes, had to re-apply every hour, or smelt like B.O. after a long day. Being an athlete and fitness enthusiast, I couldn't find one that held up for people who actually sweat. So, I hit up my local health foods store and whipped up a simple batch in my kitchen. It worked perfectly and my friends and family loved it and gave raving feedback too - I knew I was on to something.. 

Over the next 15 months I dedicated all of my energy & resources to creating the best natural deodorant on Earth. I developed 80+ formulas, hired 3 chemists and spent hundreds of hours conducting research to get it perfect. And that's how Breathe Naturals was born! 

BN is now a nationwide brand with tens of thousands of loyal customers, 1000+ five-star reviews and numerous features in health and wellness publications. My mission is to make toxic drug-store deodorants a thing of the past! Breathe Naturals is tried and true and earns a spot on your bathroom shelf. Reset Your Sweat today! 

Three Reasons We're Different

Formulated For
Our deodorants keep you fresh & odor- free all day, even through hot weather and intense workouts. Whether it's a run on the beach, or a two-hour soccer practice, Breathe Naturals keeps you fresh and confident all day.  
Experience the magic of Breathe Naturals Deodorant. Our formula is powered by 100% natural & effective ingredients like Shea Butter, Magnesium, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and more!
Sensitive Skin Approved
Say goodbye to rashes, irritation, and pit stains!
Breathe Naturals hydrates and nourishes your underarms, one of the most sensitive places on your body. We carefully selected ingredients  rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidents to soothe your skin.