People Love BN, And So Will You!

The deodorant is phenomenal. I put it on in the morning and it lasts virtually all day! It doesn’t irritate my skin like some of the other brands… really well done!!

Ashley L.

My family is loving this deodorant! The Bergamot Lime is my favorite and it keeps me fresh even after playing Squash for two hours! No pit stains or stinging sensation either!

Chris S.

10/10 Love these deodorants. Felt great to put on and love the smell. It worked amazing in Florida and my girlfriend loved it. Is the only deo she’ll use now!

Alec Y.

Keeps me fresh all day long even as a Yoga Instructor. My favorite scent is Summer Seabreeze! I've tried almost every natural brand and this is the one!!

Eve D.


While in college, I became obsessed with health & wellness and discovered something that most people don’t realize. Just as many of our foods are heavily processed and filled with preservatives and pesticides, so are our daily personal care products. After learning that traditional deodorants contain toxic ingredients like aluminum, parabens, and synthetic fragrance, I began searching for a natural brand I liked. 

As an athlete and fitness enthusiast, I couldn’t find one that held up for people who live an acitve lifestyle. I tried several different brands and sadly developed rashes, had to re-apply every hour, or battled pit stains. I knew I wasn't the only one struggling with this, so I decided to hit up my local health food store and whip up a simple batch of deodorant in my kitchen. 

Over the next 15 months, I dedicated all my energy & resources to creating the best natural deodorant on Earth. I developed 80+ formulas, hired three cosmetic formulation chemists, and spent hundreds of hours researching and perfecting the formula. 

Since I started sharing Breathe Naturals with the world, it has been amazing to see the support and positive feedback! It is truly the perfect deodorant and keeps you smelling 100% fresh and odor-free all day. More important, we only use clean and safe ingredients. 

Today, my mission is to make toxic drug-store deodorants a thing of the past and help people Reset Their Sweat!

Three Reasons We're Different

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Formulated For Athletes
Kiss B.O. goodbye ✌🏼 and experience all day odor protection with Breathe Naturals! You'll feel fresh and confident even through hot weather & intense workouts.
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Super-Powered Ingredients
Experience the magic of plant & mineral based ingredients like Shea Butter, Magnesium, Aloe Vera, and more. Treat your underarms to the best nature has to offer!
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Sensitive Skin Approved
Gone are the days of deodorant burns and rashes, it's time for a breath of fresh air! Our gentle formula nourishes & soothes your underarms making it perfect for all skin types.