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Join the Movement, and Reset Your Sweat !
As an athlete, I was continually trying different deodorants.

I struggled to find one that both got the job done, and didn’t have harmful ingredients such as aluminum, parabens, and synthetic fragrances in them.

I decided one day to make a simple batch of “coconut oil deodorant” in a mason jar, which I fell in love with.

Over the last two years, I have worked on perfecting the formula, more recently with the expert help of a cosmetic chemist, and want to share my passion, and this fantastic product with the world.

Deodorant is so much of a routine for us that we rarely consider what is in it, or think to switch brands, but this may be the best thing you ever make the switch to.

At Breathe Naturals, we believe in adding good things back into your body.

While most traditional deodorants contain harmful ingredients that end up drying your skin out, giving you a rash, or even negatively impact your health, Breathe Naturals only contains the best ingredients that will keep you feeling fresh, clean, and smelling good all day.

We carefully select each ingredient for a specific purpose. For example, coconut oil moisturizes skin, kills bacteria and fungus, balances hormones, and protects our skin with Vitamin E.

We can’t wait to have you as a customer and member of the natural deodorant community.

I know you’ll love the product, and how satisfying it is to detox from a traditional antiperspirant AND RESET YOUR SWEAT!

Nigel Sadek
Nigel Sadek
/ Founder, Breathe Naturals

We love our supporters!

"As a mom and active tennis player, I am always on the go. Breathe Naturals has been perfect for eliminating any odor and keeping me smelling fresh all day. I also love the peace of mind I have that there are no uncertain ingredients or toxins going into my body. Bergamot Lime has been my go-to scent, and feels so smooth and clean going on, no stickiness."
Suzanne S. Active Mom
"From intense training sessions in the gym, to serving at the restaurant I work at, sweating is just part of the game. After trying countless traditional and natural deodorants, I fell in love with Breathe Naturals, and recommend to all my friends and clients. It smells amazing, lasts ALL DAY, and has NO aluminum or any dangerous health risks like many other deodorants."
Ashley H. Fitness Coach
"I love my sport, but some basketball players are notorious for their B.O. - not me... Breathe Naturals keeps me smelling fresh and odorless no matter how much I sweat. I've also been more health conscious when it comes to the foods I eat, and the skincare I use. I'm glad to have found a deodorant that can keep up with my activity level, and still contains all natural &organic ingredients"
Jason B. Basketball Player