About Us

I’ve always been obsessed with health, wellness and fitness, and ever since I can remember I struggled to find the right deodorant. 

I remember trying different deodorants when I was in middle/high school and always getting horrible rashes. Then when I was in college I tried nearly every natural deodorant, and none of them would last through my workouts. Sound familiar? 

In 2018, I decided I was going to dedicate all my energy & resources to creating the best deodorant on Earth. It took 15 months, 90 different formulas, hundreds of hours of research, and three cosmetic formulation chemists to finally accomplish my goal of creating THE perfect deodorant. 

I know tons of people struggle with finding the right deodorant too, and once you try Breathe Naturals you’ll never want to go back. It keeps you fresh all day long, is gentle on sensitive skin, glides on silky smooth and invisible, contains only the best quality natural & organic ingredients, and smells AMAZING! 

This deodorant was created for athletes & people who live active lifestyles, so it truly keeps you odor-free and fresh smelling all day.⁣ If you’re looking to live an overall healthier lifestyle, this little stick you use everyday can make a big difference! ⁣ 

With tons of 5-Star Reviews, all our customers love the product, and you will too!⁣ ⁣ Check out our shop page to try it for yourself and RESET YOUR SWEAT!! 

-Nigel Sadek (Founder of Breathe Naturals)


People are loving Breathe Naturals!

And so will you! 

Ive tried many "natural" deodorants and while some have given allergic reactions and some just plain didnt work...THIS ONE WORKS PERFECTLY. Allows me to sweat but I NEVER smell bad or stink! I have finally found my deodorant!! :)

Ashley H.

Verified Customer

I don’t leave reviews on a lot of products unless they are seriously remarkable. Lo and behold, this one will last until it’s time for your shower THE NEXT DAY. This one has it ALL. Finally.

Alexis P.

Verified Customer

High quality deodorant with a fresh, light scent that isn't too strong. Lasts all day and keeps its great scent unlike other deodorants I've tried. Nice cooling sensation when you apply it and no itch! I definitely recommend the CocoMint scent!

Chris R.

Verified Customer