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Natural deodorants are different than your traditional deodorants, everything from the smoothness of the natural oils and butters on your skin, to the way the pure essential oils smell on your skin.

There are a few things you should be aware of though

  1. Your body will thank you
  2. Our liver is running on overdrive all day to keep up with the toxins and chemicals that enter our body, the last thing it needs is to filter aluminum and parabens that enter into our bloodstream.
  3. Natural deodorants don’t contain preservatives and stabilizers like traditional deodorants, which results in a smoother consistency that melts on your skin as it is applied.
  4. You will set more at the beginning, which is GOOD. Aluminum clogs our pores, and doesn’t allow us to properly detoxify through sweating, when making the switch to a natural deodorant, the first week you may notice yourself sweating all of those toxins out until your body adjusts. Then, you will fall in love with the way Breathe Naturals eliminates odor, absorbs sweat, and keeps you feeling and smelling fresh and clean.
  5. Less is more: our formula is very concentrated and powerful, packed with ingredients that actually work, feel great on your skin, and have benefits for your body and your skin. There are no cheap fillers like propylene glycol found in most deodorants, so 2 swipes should be perfect. I’ve found what works the best is slowly swiping the deodorant down your armpit so it is able to melt as your skin warms it.
  6. Natural ingredients work differently:
  7. Instead of using aluminum to block sweat glands (which are linked to Alzheimers, breast cancer, and heavy metal toxicity), we use Organic Arrowroot Powder to absorb moisture, and allow the skin to properly detoxify while still remaining dry.
  8. Instead of using artificial fragrances to mask odor (which are made of up to 3000 chemicals and linked to hormone disruption, respiratory issues, birth defects, and numerous health conditions), we use pure therapeutic grade essential oils to create an amazing natural scent, odor protection, and all the benefits that come with aromatherapy such as antibacterial and antimicrobial healing properties.
  9. We don’t use parabens or preservatives to ensure a longer shelf life, (these are proven endocrine disruptors and linked to other serious health conditions), we just recommend that the deodorant is used within 6 months of ordering to maintain quality, freshness, and the best consistency and effectiveness we strive for.
  10. Using natural deodorant as a safer alternative can impact things such as a positive difference in hormone health, adrenal glands, PMS symptoms, clearer and softer skin, and increased energy levels!
  11. Yes, our natural deodorant may be different than what you’re used to, but we can assure you it is a much safer alternative, and contains powerfully effective and beneficial ingredients that give your skin exactly what it needs to combat odor, remain dry, and improve overall health and wellness without any dangerous risks.